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When your brakes are making some noise you should not completely ignore it. It is simply telling you that something is wrong and you should immediately act on the problem before it causes some serious brake repair that can be more costly.

Waiting for a brake replacement can be costly than you expect and it is wiser to have your brakes checked early for problems and resolve them quickly. Brake pads usually make a noise when they are already worn out. Once they make distinctive noise it calls for a replacement.

The noise could be screeching or squealing or maybe grinding or grumbling while stepping on the brakes. This means it is time to replace your brake pads. Dealyong the brake repair can result to more damage such a when the pads wear out and become thin it will result to the caliper to rub against the rotor which eventually result in the vibration of the steering wheel. The problem can then go on further to cause more serious problems.

You do not replace the brake pads until you find some symptoms that it is wearing out. The frequency of changing the brake pads will highly depends on the condition of the brakes and the wear and tear that it is exposed to.

The most important thing to look for is knowing the basic symptoms that will tell you a brake repair is needed, such as when the brake pads starts to thin out and will cause some metal on metal scenario that will cause some distinct sounds each time to step on the brakes.

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Smog test your vehicle in Placentia, CA

Also, a few tips to make your smog inspection appointment run smoothly:

1) Call ahead of time.  Depending on a shop’s schedule, sometimes you can walk in and get a smog, but it’s easier to have an appointment set.  Plan on the test taking about 20-30 minutes.

2) Bring your DMV renewal notice.  This can help prevent data input errors and can make the paperwork process much faster, both at the service counter and at the smog machine itself.

3) Plan on taking a few minutes to talk to the Service Writer and sign an estimate.  Just as with any automotive services you get, you must give your contact information and sign an estimate before anything can be done on your car.  Don’t expect to just drop the keys and leave.

4) Make sure the gas tank is at least 1/4 full.  Coming in for a smog test with the tank on Empty is risky — don’t want to run out of gas in the middle of the test! — not to mention damaging to the vehicle (having at least 1/4 tank at all times keeps the fuel pump cooled)  Also, one of the computer monitors on any 1996 or newer vehicle will only run if the gas tank is between 1/4 and 3/4 full, so this is just another reason to never let your tank go to Empty.

5) If your battery has died or been disconnected in the last week or so, or if codes have been cleared recently, tell the Service Consultant since this is a potential failure area — a technicality, but a failure nonetheless.  If a vehicle’s memory has been cleared, it will need to complete a drive cycle before it can pass smog. Sometimes, at the service counter, we’ll ask if the check engine light has been on recently, and people will lie and say it has not, when in fact it was and they cleared codes to turn out the light just before coming in.  The vehicle does not lie.  With the advanced computer systems on cars today, it’s very easy to see if computer memory has been reset, not to mention the vehicle will fail the smog test if the memory is empty.  You’re not saving yourself anything by trying to hide something that the vehicle will reveal regardless.

6) If you have any aftermarket equipment on your vehicle, make sure the parts have affixed tags clearly showing the Executive Order number, and preferably keep in the glove box any paperwork that came with the parts.  If there is any doubt that an aftermarket part is legal, the smog technician will need to research its legality before proceeding with the smog test.  If it cannot be proved to be legal, the vehicle will fail the smog test on that technicality.

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